If you’re vegetarian, what do you eat?

What do you eat?

This is a question that us vegetarians get asked all the time. What do meat eaters imagine we eat? A bland diet of Quorn burgers and penne pasta?

The truth is, at Earth To Plate Towers, we don’t like Quorn all that much – haven’t had it for years. And we don’t even tuck in to that much pasta.

So what do we eat? Well, just about everything – as long as it isn’t a corpse. We eat Mexican, Italian, Szechuan, Punjabi, Polish, French, Japanese, Irish and British – and more.

What do you eat?

To enlighten the ignorant, we’ll be listing some of the things we’ve made in our little kitchen in blog posts headed ‘Last Night’s Dinner’. We’ll also report back if we’ve eaten out – and include some pics, links and recipes if we feel they’d be helpful. Hopefully it will demonstrate that as vegetarians we can eat well – eat tasty, varied dishes from all over the world that don’t call for meat at all. Why not follow us and see what we’ve been eating?

4 Comments to “If you’re vegetarian, what do you eat?”

  1. So so true, Ive been an ovo.lacto.vegetarian, which allows me to have a varied diet and i find it much easier that way and i obviously pretty much everything except for meat and fish. One of best decisions i have ever made. Never had Quorn, but i do end up eating pasta more often than i should lol.

  2. What a great idea! The next time someone asks you that (irritating) question, you can just refer them to your blog 🙂 I love it!

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