Breakfast blues

The best meal of the day? No. Plain old no. Breakfast is often more likely to be a coffee and pastry eaten at the desk while checking emails, or a dull slice of toast while getting ready to leave the house. Fried breakfasts? Hotels. Proper continental breakfasts? Ditto.

We don’t have enough time on weekday mornings for breakfasts to be great, although they can be good if you give them a little thought. Defrost some summer berries overnight and spoon them over yoghurt and a little oaty muesli – that’s not a bad way to start the day. A bit limited though.

Recently we’ve been experimenting. Around the world, people have completely different ideas as to what constitutes a good meal at the start of the day. A one-pan fry-up in Vietnam? Get outta here. Pastries? Yawn. Instead, what about chillis to wake the senses, hot and spicy soups, noodles with an egg…

My favourite ever breakfast arrived in Bryant Park, New York, and the highlight on the plate was potato. The hotel’s ‘Breakfast Potatoes’ were fluffy little balls of seasoned mash with herbs and cream cheese. Delicious alongside a poached egg. At home on a Sunday we’ll now have all kinds of tomatoey, peppery concoctions for breakfast. We even had some of our own version of breakfast potatoes with some spring greens and chilli the other day. So much for croissants.

Yesterday, after 24 hours where we’d eaten almost nothing very nutritious, we craved fruit. A fruit salad with a dollop of yoghurt was just the thing to get us up and running. Best meal of the day? It’s possible.

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