Last Night’s Dinner: Marrow, Tomato and Chickpea Massala

Tuesday 9 August

What to do with a marrow, those overgrown courgettes of delicate flesh and almost no flavour. Hmmm. We’d never cooked one before but inherited one from our neighbour. An internet search brought up a Southeast Asian recipe from Simon Hopkinson. It’s made with cherry tomatoes. Yeah, it shouldn’t work, should it?! But it does.

Except, we added some chickpeas and a little chilli. But apart from that followed the recipe, here.

It’s really good: the marrow flesh falling-apart soft, the tomatoes tangy and a warm zip of spices. It’s not often we make something that’s basically, er, ‘Indian’, but that isn’t like anything we’ve tasted before. And it really didn’t sound promising.

Nice one Simon.

3 Comments to “Last Night’s Dinner: Marrow, Tomato and Chickpea Massala”

  1. This sounds so tempting. I have never heard of marrow, though. Is it the same as zucchini/courgette?

    • Yep, a marrow is a courgette that didn’t get picked and carried on growing. The already mild flavour gets milder still, the flesh creamier and the seeds really need to be scooped out like in any large squash. I actually only found this out recently!

  2. Interesting… so marrow are the zucchini footballs! 😀

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