“Too much veg!”

“There’s simply too much veg in the allotment at the moment,” said our lovely neighbours. “We can’t get through it all ourselves, so take this.”

“Thank you, that’s so kind,” I replied.

“You do like vegetables?”

“Well, funnily enough…”

…and so we gratefully accepted beans of all shapes, sizes and colours, courgettes large and small, beetroot, rhubarb and, more recently, some fragrant and juicy tomatoes with the promise of cavolo nero and cabbage to come. Wow, do we feel lucky. And don’t worry, it’ll all get eaten.

Growing up in the countryside, one half of the ETP team often had veg land in the back garden from over the wall. If the neighbour had too many spuds, we got them. The same went for cabbages, carrots, lettuce, anything.

But central London could also spring some neighbourly charm. At ETP Towers’ former residence we received fruit, veg and even chocolates from those living next door or down the corridor. Not home-grown, perhaps, but given with just the same sentiment.

It’s nice bein’ nice, innit.


One Comment to ““Too much veg!””

  1. Too much veg? Wonderful! Very jealous. 🙂

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